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    Please click the link below to view your up to date kick off times and a list of the teams taking part at your football tournament:-

    Sports Tournament Schedules

    IMPORTANT: On the day of your departure, please check to see if there have been any changes to your tournament programme. The Manager of your team will meet our tournament staff at the managers meeting and will be provided with additional information.

    At this stage, please make sure you have downloaded and printed your final documents. Please go to: Manage My Sports Tours Booking

  • Football Tournament Locations

    With prices starting from just £55 per person, our youth football tournaments take place at some of the UK’s best holiday resorts including:-

    Brean Sands Football Tournament in Somerset
    Selsey Football Tournament in West Sussex Coast
    Isle of Wight Football Tournament
    Great Yarmouth Football Tournament in the Norfolk Coast
    Camber Sands Football Tournament in East Sussex Coast
    Southport Football Tournament in Lancashire
    Rhyl Football Tournament in the North Wales Coast
    Blackpool Football Tournament in Lancashire

    Just click on one of the above links to view your preferred destination.

  • UK Football Tournaments

    At all our junior UK football tournaments, your team will play up to the maximum amount of football permitted by the English & Welsh Football Associations.

    Finals for Teams Placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th
    Every footballer wants to be involved in their own Cup Final. At a Sports Tours football tournament, we provide finals for teams placed first, second, third and fourth. The format of each football tournament will vary according to the number of teams entered into each age group. As with all our junior football tournaments, all age groups can play competitive football.

  • Celebrity Presentations

    On the last evening of your UK football tournament, we invite along famous football celebrities to present participation awards to all the players and managers. There are trophies for teams placed first, second third along with Fair Play awards for each age group. Dennis Wise, Ray Wilkins, Bryan Robson, Darren Anderton, Chris Kamara, Jason Roberts, Dion Dublin, Mark Lawrenson, Phil Thompson plus others have all attended.

  • Free Places on our Football Tournaments

    There are FREE PLACES at all our football tournament locations if you pay your deposits before 30th November:-

    Groups Size: Number of Free Places
    25 to 49                One
    50 to 74                Two
    75 to 99                Three
    100 to 124             Four
    125 to 149.             Five
    150 to 174             Six
    175 to 249              Nine
    250 plus                Ten

    Based on the number of deposits received by 30th November less any later cancellations. Discount applies to the basic tour price only.

  • Registration Fees & Qualifying Ages


    £99 Per Team - Boys Under 7's & Under 8's (5 A Side)

    £149 Per Team - Boys Under 8's, 9's, 10's & Under 11's (7 A Side)

    £159 Per Team - Boys Under 11's & Under 12's (9 A Side)

    £195 Per Team - Boys Under 12's, Under 13's & Under 14's (11 A Side)  

    £249 Per Team - Boys Under 15's (11 A Side)

    £249 Per Team - Boys Under 16's (Brean Sands & Blackpool Only)


    £149 Per Team - Girls Under 10's, Under 11's, Under 12's, Under 13's & Under 14's (7 A Side)

    £179 Per Team - Girls Under 15's & Under 16's (11 A Side)

    Ladies Open Age

    £195.00 Per Team

    Qualifying Ages

    Boys Age Category England & Wales

    Age Group  Year Team Size

    U7 - 01/09/2006 - 5 a side
    U8 - 01/09/2005 - 5 a side
    U8 - 01/09/2005 - 7 a side
    U9 - 01/09/2004 - 7 a side
    U10 - 01/09/2003 - 7 a side
    U11 - 01/09/2002 - 7 a side
    U11 - 01/09/2002 - 9 a side
    U12 - 01/09/2001 - 9 a side
    U12 - 01/09/2001 - 11 a side
    U13 - 01/09/2000 - 11 a side
    U14 - 01/09/1999 - 11 a side
    U15 - 01/09/1998 - 11 a side

    Girls Age Category England & Wales

    Age Group  Year Team Size

    U10 - 01/09/2003 - 7 a side
    U11 - 01/09/2002 - 7 a side
    U12 - 01/09/2001 - 7 a side
    U13 - 01/09/2000 - 7 a side
    U14 - 01/09/1999 - 7 a side
    U15 - 01/09/1998 - 11 a side
    U16 - 01/09/1997 - 11 a side

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