Girls Football Tours & Tournaments

Girls' football is now the major female team sport in the UK, and at Sports Tours we have been providing girls football tours and tournaments in the UK and Europe since we were established in 1989.

In England we have girls football tournaments available at Great Yarmouth, Blackpool, Southport and Camber Sands. If you are looking to travel into Europe, we have some huge girls football tournaments available in Holland and Spain, whilst girls football matches can be arranged at all our European destinations.

At Sports Tours we take girls involvement in football very seriously and we are working very hard each year to improve the events, which enables us to see the development of the game continue. We are determined to build on the success of the last few years where we have seen the number of returning girls teams enter our football tournaments here in the UK and Europe.

All our football tournaments are sanctioned by the FA and all the games have qualified referees of level 7 and above including female referees.


If you are interested in entering any of our girls football tournaments please contact us on 01708 344001 or email At all our events, we have a special guest footballer to present awards to your team. These weekends are all about serious football along with great times. Come and join us!