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Warsaw Hockey Tours

As Warsaw is the capital of Poland you can expect it to be alive with culture and nightlife and you’d be right. The city manages to keep its historical heritage while still being modern.

There are two main sides to our Warsaw Hockey Tours, there is the cultural side, where you can view the sights and take in the history of Poland in all its glory and then there is the vibrant side with the city centre and the Vistula river areas, which are filled with shops, cafes and many restaurants. So you can spend your mornings visiting the old architecture and then as the day goes on progress into the streets and stop for a beer or two in one of the many bars and clubs for an amazing night out.

Warsaw Hockey Tours

The place is literally packed solid with history. Being the geometrical centre of Europe, you wouldn’t really expect anything less. There are barely any other places this interesting, with all of the relics of the past, places where the past intertwines with the present, giving the city a unique, cosmopolitan character.


Friendly Match Arrangements

With many friendly matches easily accessible in the area you can never be short of things to do. The Polish teams do love a challenge and would want nothing more than you to be their competitor. You will receive a welcome reception from the host clubs. Friendly fixtures will be arranged against teams of the appropriate standard.


Hotels (twin, double, triple or quad – bed and breakfast).
The hotels we select in and around the center of Warsaw are ideally located and within easy reach of all the cities attractions. The accommodation all have private facilities offer clean rooms with single beds to accommodate all male groups. Most rooms are twin or triple but quad or single (supplement) are also available. Poland is suitable for groups of all ages but we recommend this destination to be more suitable for older age groups.


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