The past, the present and the future…

In March 2020 the outbreak of Covid-19 cast serious doubt over the safe running of our UK events. As the news unfolded, the sad decision was made to cancel our series of UK events for 2020. A year on, whilst the future looks brighter, it is still not possible for us to run our 2021 UK events safely and we have been forced, once again, to cancel.

Taking back control…

Our number one aim has always been to ensure that no team is left out of pocket. In 2020 our team worked tirelessly, and by September we had refunded or postponed all 338 clubs, refunding over £1.34m in the process. Now that the tough decision has been made to cancel our 2021 events, we are working with each team to ensure they are able to postpone to 2022 or receive a refund in due course.

Looking ahead to 2022!

We are absolutely thrilled to release our UK Football Tournaments and Rugby Festivals for 2022! It seems a year of disruption of their beloved sport, means teams are keener than ever to get involved and we have seen record levels of interest, even pre-launch.

Staying Covid-safe in 2022…

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt during the course of this pandemic, it’s that we don’t know what restrictions (if any!) will be in place in the next few months, let alone in 12-months’ time. However, we do know that all of our tournaments take place outdoors, there are plenty of outdoors activities in our chosen locations and the holiday parks we use in most locations make it easy for ‘bubbling’ should any social distancing restrictions still be in place.

What’s more, you can be assured that when the time comes, we will follow any Covid Guidance issued by the FA, the RFU and the Government to ensure our events are safe for everyone to enjoy!

So, what’s the plan for 2022?

Well, we’re heading back to some of the UK’s most loved seaside destinations that offer top sporting facilities and plenty of attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Due to unprecedented interest we’ve opened bookings earlier than ever before giving families time to plan and save, but most importantly, to give everyone something to look forward to!

All that’s left to do is take a look at our UK Football Tournament or UK Rugby Festival listings and get planning with your team. Still have questions? Get in touch with our team, after all, that’s what we’re here for!