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PARIS, FRANCE is one of the world’s most famous rugby destinations in the World and is the perfect place for a Rugby Tour. Paris is also famous spectacular cuisine, fashion and landmarks. Being only a couple of hours drive from the port of Calais, our rugby clubs are given the option of staying in either hotels located in the city (all ages) or alternatively for teams aged from under 7 to 14 years can stay at Center Parcs Les Bois, which is around one hour’s drive from central Paris.

Paris Rugby Tours

Center Parcs, Les Bois is the perfect destination with indoor swimming pools and excellent leisure facilities in beautiful surroundings.

Staying in Paris, there is so much to see and do you are pretty much guaranteed an amazing tour:

EIFFEL TOWER: The famous symbol of French civic pride.

NOTRE DAME: France’s masterpiece cathedral of Gothic architecture.

DISNEYLAND, PARIS: Definitely worth a visit.

PARK ASTERIX THEME PARK: Located just 35 km north of Paris with 27 attractions and 6 shows.

STADE DE FRANCE: World class stadium with 80,000 capacity – we can arrange a tour of the stadium.

Friendly Match Arrangements

Our teams always receive a warm welcome from the host rugby clubs. There are some excellent rugby tournaments available, however most teams on tour play friendly matches. The grounds are excellent with facilities usually including clubhouse, changing rooms and a bar. Come on and take your team on an unforgettable rugby tour to one of the Worlds greatest cities.


PARIS HOTELS – 2 & 3 bedded rooms (bed & breakfast)
Our groups usually stay in excellent two or three Star hotels located in the centre or outskirts of Paris. Each hotel provides different facilities and whilst they provide all breakfast, evening meals are available on request. With so many dining opportunities you will definitely not go hungry.