Sports Tours has been organising rugby tours and festivals for over 30 years! Since organising our very first tour in 1989 we taken away over 15,000 teams and over 650,000 satisfied customers.

UK, European & Long Haul Rugby Tour Destinations: Your Rugby Club is welcome to participate in any of our exciting rugby tours or rugby festivals taking part at various locations in England during the Easter & Mayday Bank Holiday weekends.

In Europe, your rugby team can choose to play pre-arranged rugby matches or enter an International rugby festival in France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal or Italy and many other destinations shown on our website.  Our long haul bespoke rugby tour destinations include South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Japan, Argentina, USA. 

Finding your perfect destination: We offer tours to hundreds of destinations around the world. To find out more you can navigate our website to find destinations you are interested in, or alternatively phone us on 01708 565014 or contact us by email:

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