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If your team is not interested in entering a tournament, a bespoke sports tour for your youth group may be the solution for you. We understand that not all teams want to play in a tournament for various reasons, so a bespoke tour will give you more control of your itinerary. This includes the number of fixtures you wish to play, as well as the activities you take part in away from the sports element of your trip.

The fun factor

Great value


Three girl players in training bibs joke around

Incredible team bonding

You can decide how many nights to travel for, and the tour can be tailor-made to suit your team’s needs!

Playing friendly matches also gives you more opportunities to visit cities, theme parks, water parks or stadiums – making it a more well-rounded trip.

Benefits of
Tailor-made tours

Complete control of your trip

Choose the length of your stay, travel method and number of fixtures.

More opportunities for activities

By only playing friendly matches, you will have more time to enjoy other activities. 

More destinations to choose from

Choosing to not enter a tournament opens the door to different destinations for your next tour, and some of them are hidden gems!

Early bookings discount
on our UK Tournaments

Bookings for 2023 are open now! Get in early and secure your group’s place with our early bookings discount.

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My boys got to experience a weekend away without their parents. Playing against teams from other countries and parts of the UK has helped them to develop as players.

Kevin Badu, Badu Fc U13