We absolutely love grassroots teams as that’s where all our first sporting memories are. Just like us, it’s probably the reason you fell in love with your sport too! The excited nerves. The new boots. The opportunity.

And your grassroots experience is likely to bring back nostalgic memories playing, meeting like-minded people, socialising in and outside that sporting circle, and so much more. They’re also the perfect place for your families and friends to reap the benefits too! Think confidence boosts. New social skills. A supportive place to chat about their week.

So, whether you’re a player or a parent, a coach or a friend, here’s a run-down of why grassroots teams are so important!

3 girls football players from a grassroots team, with arms linked around shoulders, smile, pose and put thumbs up to the camera.

Social Skills

Training, matches and sporting events are perfect grounds to help build your social skills. Kids chat with other kids their age. Parents converse. Coaches and managers discuss away. And all those groups come together, creating a supportive, and fun, place to be.

Those relationships created within the grassroots arena may even flourish into long lasting relationships outside the sport as well. Whether that be in a bar, restaurant, or kid’s birthday party, you can expect expanding friendships for everyone. It’s bonding on a whole new level, the perfect stage.

A footballer from a grassroots team dribbles the ball through the opposition players.

Sporting Skills

Players will learn new positions, new plays, new ways to strike a football, while coaches will sharpen their tactical skills for the weekends league match.

Even parents, who might not have included themselves in the sport before their child started playing, will learn new things. Enabling them to include themselves even further, as well as becoming even more invested in the thrill of the sport itself.

Strengthening of Kids & Parents Relationships

Parents taking their child to training sessions each week provides plenty of space and opportunities to cement their relationship.

Time to and from the venue. Time during breaks in training. Match days. All the time in the week leading up to training, to the weekends match, will boost bonds for all parents and their children.

Plus, all that talk about sport will inevitably strengthen relationships to a point where other subjects are easily brought up that might, without that regular relationship check-in, not have had the airtime.

Players from a grassroots team celebrate.

A Supportive Place

All those social and sporting skills need the perfect place to blossom – and your grassroots squad is that place! Everyone can chat about their week. Kids have a space to grow and develop, and parents get time to leave their children in a trusted place, with trusted individuals. Meaning they can get the shopping done. Have a few hours to themselves. Whatever they fancy, really…

It’s a hub for everyone. Your kids, your parents, your coaches, and your managers. Not only that, but kids will likely continue friendships outside your team, and parents likewise too.

Improving Mental & Physical Health

All that exercise and socialising means one thing: improvement of mental & physical health! There’s LOADS of solid science to back this up! The positive mindset and improved physical fitness will affect other areas for your players, families and friends too.

Think players school grades, parents productivity at work, coaches clear mental state when dealing with challenges and so much more.

A grassroots team celebrate with the tournaments trophy held high.

Confidence Booster

Grassroots squads are a hub for boosting all of the above. Giving confidence to everyone involved with your team in many different areas of their lives.

Don’t be surprised to see players coming out their shells, parents thriving from their new social bubble and coaches feeling a new sense of drive.

All from your grassroots squad.

Take Your Grassroots Team to the Next Level!

We at Sports Tours know the importance of grassroots teams. We also know how to take it up a level as well!

Think football tournaments, rugby festivals, and netball tournaments, all organised by us, so your grassroot players, parents, coaches, have a perfect place to build on everything listed above (and have LOADS of fun!).

If giving your team an incredible space to grow and create lifelong memories sounds like your thing, call us today. Our sports experts will explore where your team are at and get the ball rolling on taking your grassroots team to the next level at one of our tournaments!

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