It’s been a long wait, but after the disappointment of having to cancel almost all of our 2020 and 2021 UK tournaments, we are thrilled to be able to start launching our 2022 schedule of UK events. They’re back – from Blackpool to Great Yarmouth to the Isle of Wight, we’re returning to some of the best locations in the UK to ensure top-notch sporting facilities for our weekend tournaments and unforgettable local attractions for the whole family to enjoy.

Looking back at 2020 and 2021

When we were forced to cancel our 2020 events due to the pandemic, our number one aim was to ensure that no team was left out of pocket. We worked tirelessly, and by September 2020 we had refunded or postponed all 338 clubs, refunding over £1.34m in the process. Never did we imagine that we would once again be postponing all of our events in 2021, but we are doing so with the same care and detail, working with each team to ensure they are able to postpone to 2022 or receive a refund in due course. That’s the Sports Tours way!

It’s been a turbulent year for Football and Rugby teams, with more time spent off the pitch than on it, so it comes as no surprise that the pre-launch interest in our 2022 event schedule is higher than ever.

So, what can teams expect from a Sport Tours UK Tournament in 2022?

If you’ve been to one of our events before, then you can expect the same amazing weekend experience with your team that you’ve always had. If you’re new to one of our events then you can expect to come together with clubs from around the country, players and supporters, for a weekend of fun on and off the pitch. Teams will spend a long weekend in their chosen seaside location, where they’ll compete in a two-day competitive tournament culminating in the Sunday evening Awards Ceremony hosted by a celebrity guest. The Sports Tours Ltd Tournament Package typically includes 3-nights’ accommodation in a local holiday park or hotel and qualified referees are supplied.

What are you waiting for?

Bookings are now open for many of our events, and after a year like no other, demand is expected to be high so booking early has never been more important!

You’ll find the full listing of Football Tournaments and Rugby Festivals on our website, including dates, prices and all the information you need to get your team on board for 2022.