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If your team is not interested in entering a tournament, a bespoke tour may be the solution for you. We understand that not all teams want to play in a tournament for various reasons, so a bespoke tour will give you more control of your itinerary – this includes the number of fixtures you wish to play, as well as the activities you take part in away from the sports element of your trip.

The fun factor

Great value


Kick off an experience to remember

Whether your team opt for a more competitive tournament experience or choose to rise to the challenge of taking on friendly fixtures – it’s the matches that will be the main focus of your teams’ tour. There’s something about travelling together to take on teams from outside your immediate area – it’s often a trigger for a long term relationship between travelling teams!


Incredible team bonding

There’s no doubt that whether it’s a football tour or tournament experience you opt for, here in the UK or further afield, travelling, staying and playing together is a sure recipe for bonding your team and their families together like never before. See friendships and camaraderie grow, along with a growing desire to represent their team in a setting away from home!

Sports Tours are organised with reasonable prices, which goes a long way when booking for large groups.

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