The Danescourt Hotel/Granville Hotel Blackpool

The countdown has begun to the 2024 Blackpool Easter Football Tournament. Preparations are now in full swing, and we can’t wait to welcome you to The Danescourt Hotel or The Granville Hotel on Friday 29th March..

On this page we hope you’ll find all the information you need to get you, your team and their families prepped for an amazing weekend in Blackpool.


The Key Details

Where you’ll stay: 

The Danescourt Hotel 10 Station Rd, Blackpool FY4 1BE

The Granville Hotel 12 Station Rd, Blackpool, FY4 1BE

Check-In & Check-Out Details:

  • Check-In Time: Friday 29th March @ 15:00
  • Check-Out Time: Monday 01st April @ 10:00

The hotel has asked if groups can provide Sports Tours an estimated time of arrival to ensure a quick check in process

Top tips for a smooth check-in:

  • Keys are to be collected by the Group Leader, or a person nominated by the group leader, and then distributed to your group members, alternatively please do individual check in, 1 person from each room collect the keys.
  • Details surrounding your allocated accommodation will be provided prior to the tour.
  • Please take your rooming list with you so you know who is staying in which room.
  • Please be aware, that we have worked with the hotels to try and locate groups as close together as possible. However, in some cases, this is not possible due to the location of different room types.



Where you’ll play: 

Poolfoot Farm, Butts Road, Thornton-Cleveleys FY5 4HX

Managers Meeting & Presentation Information

Managers Meeting

A zoom call will be arranged in the week leading up to the event (approx 72 hours prior to the event). Invites will be sent out nearer to the time.



Awards Presentation 

Sunday 31st March

After your age group have finished their games, the presentation will take place onsite at Poolfoot Farm.

Participation awards, and winners and runners up trophies, will be awarded by this year’s special guests who are due to be announced soon – check back soon!


Good Conduct and Alcohol Policy

Our aim is to make each and every one of our events enjoyable for the whole family. To ensure things run as smoothly as possible we have outlined our ‘Good Conduct & Alcohol Policy’ below. We would appreciate you taking a moment to share this information with your team and families.

  • Code of Conduct
    • Unreasonable and offensive behaviour which includes fighting or acts of malicious damage by any individual or group will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in the entire tour party being asked to leave the hotel without entitlement to a refund.
    • In the event of any disturbance made by members of your group, the hotel management reserves the right to demand compensation for other guests and may ask for your removal from the premises.
    • In the event of damage to property, the hotel management will have the right to demand appropriate compensation from the entire group.
  • Safeguarding and child supervision
    • Please do not allow children in your party to wander around the site unsupervised. This is a child safeguarding issue. Each club has a duty of care for children on the tour and should have their own Welfare Officer who is recognised by their local County FA and will have undergone the relevant training.
    • Please ensure that there is a responsible and accountable adult (over 18) available to supervise children at all times.
    • Playing ball games around the accommodation is not permitted.
  • Alcohol Policy
    • Our hotels are licensed premises – please do not bring your own alcohol into the restaurants and bars onsite. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol to consume within your accommodation. Beer Kegs are not permitted at the hotel.
    • Adults should not purchase or supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 years old. If you are found to have done this, then you will be asked to leave the hotel and within our tournament rules we will report the issues to the FA. The person or persons involved will also be reported to the police.
    • Any under 18s, who are discovered attempting to purchase or consume alcohol, will be asked to leave the hotel, and will be reported to their Group Leader.
    • Alcohol abuse is unacceptable, and will result in the removal of persons/Team from the hotel without entitlement to a refund.
    • Alcohol is permitted at the festival grounds in the designated area nearby the club HQ. No Alcohol to be consumed pitch side while the games are being played. Anybody caught doing so will be asked to return to the bar area to finish their drink or, in extreme circumstances, be asked to leave the tournament venue.
    • Please do not bring your own alcohol onto the festival grounds as this will not be allowed.

Yellow & Red Card System

Yellow card
Offenses include:
  • Excessive noise and disturbances
  • Offensive language
  • Unsupervised children
  • Ball games near accommodation (Please use provided areas)
red card
Offenses include:
  • Underage Drinking
  • Violence
  • Drugs
  • Malicious Damage
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Drunk and Disorderly behaviour

Under our booking conditions with the hotel, Sports Tours and our guests are required to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct. The policy is intended to help all guests have a great time at the hotel and to avoid any disturbances.

Should any members of your tour party be deemed by Staff to have breached the code of conduct the following procedures will be followed:

Yellow Card Offence – A caution will be issued and a repetition of offence, or second yellow card for another offence, will result in eviction from hotel and tournament.

Red Card Offence – Immediate eviction from the hotel and tournament. If a red card is issued in any case a report will be sent to your Club Chairman and the National Governing Body, the FA.

NB: The issuing of red and yellow cards is not limited to the examples above and can be issued at the discretion based on staff’s judgement on the situation.