Blackpool Pier & Tower

Have you got some tournament down-time? Then head over to our top 9 places in Blackpool. Plus, we’ve included some hidden gems too!

Historic Blackpool, a place of many faces and even more things to do when you’ve got a spare 10 minutes or so. From iron architecture piers to its tower, from its zoo to its waxworks, there is a veritable bundle of activities in this charming Lancashire seaside town.

So much so, that you might not know where to start. Well, to keep you rolling along we’ve put together a list of things to do.

Read on for more.


Blackpool Tower

Built in 1894, the iconic Blackpool Tower stands tall over the beachside promenade with 6 attractions to keep you busy. Those attractions include the captivating circus, historic ballroom, Eye with 4D experience, Dino Mini Golf, the deep, dark dungeon as well as the chance to get closer to wonderous oceanic creatures in SEALIFE aquarium.

Also, the Tower might offer discounts or family deals on any or all of the above throughout the year – just checkout their site for details.


penguin in water at Blackpool Zoo is 1 of the top 9 places in Blackpool

Blackpool Zoo

Properly exhausted from the shows at the tower?

Then how about you head a short distance inland to the cosily placed Blackpool Zoo. Right next to Stanley Park, this award-winning home houses over 1,500 exotic animals!

Educational as well as enchanting, there’s a dedicated Green team ensuring the park keeps reducing its carbon, a dinosaur safari, orangutan outlook, lemur wood and the friendliest bunch of elephants in their Project Base Camp.


A Blackpool pier on a clear, blue sky day is one of the top 9 places in Blackpool to visit

North, Central and South Piers

Some might say 1 pier’s enough for a seaside town, well they obviously never spoke to Blackpool. With 3 mighty Victorian thoroughfares full to the brim with things to do, it’s the place to be for an above sea stroll.

1st up is the North Pier, the oldest as well longest of the three. Holding a Grade II listed status, it’s simple yet eye-catching nature makes it a perfect spot for families. There’s plenty of restaurants, arcades and if you pick the right time of year, a dazzling display of sweeping starlings (known as a murmuration).

2nd is, you guessed it – the Central Pier. Part of the unmistakable Lancashire skyline, Central hosts the breath-taking Big Wheel. There’s also free live entertainment, a maze of other fairground rides and the famous run of coin-jangling arcades.

Number 3 is the South Pier! The smallest sibling of the three, it boasts a mini-theme park on top of its strong iron supports, places to eat and even more of those memory-inducing 2p machines.


Pleasure Beach

Right on Ocean Boulevard is the irrepressible Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Absolutely stuffed with rides, there’s The Big One, The Big Dipper, Infusion, Revolution and the white-knuckle Ice Blast to shake your stick-of-rock at.

But that’s not it, Nickelodeon Land boasts family friendly rides like Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic, The Flying Machines, The River Caves and loads more.

With theatre shows, magic performances and the age-old pantomime it’s a real slice of family friendly fun.


Sandcastle Water Park

You can also head over to the UK’s largest indoor water park. Located right on the promenade, there’s 18 slippery slides in a toasty tropical climate to enjoy.

Designed for all, it’s family fun for every age interspersed with your go-fast slides.


Heritage Trams

Looking for an historic escape for an hour or two?

Then hop on to one of the old-style heritage trams of Blackpool! Trips go up, down and around the seaside town and include variations like the Illumination, Promenade, Coastal and Depot tours.


Stanley Park

The second Grade II listed space on our list is the award-winning Stanley Park.

Voted the best park in the UK twice in three years, this Eden of Georgian landscaping sprawls across 390 mesmerising acres and includes a bandstand, boating lake, Italian gardens, children’s play areas, tennis courts, all-weather pitches, an 18-hole golf course, a sports centre and a 5000-seat cricket ground.

So, if you want tranquillity or tournament continuation, then hop on a bus to Stanley.


Madame Tussaud’s

Enter the world of freakishly lifelike figures at Madame Tussard’s waxworks and wax museum. Such notable models include the Avengers, David Attenborough, Dr Who, David from Coronation Street and so much more.


Blackpool Beach

If the famous Blackpool weather keeps on side, why not kick back on the celebrated golden sands of this seaside town.

With large areas perfect for families and sandcastles, it also gives convenient access to any of the piers.

Win win!


Hidden Gems

Would you believe it, but there’s more! We’ve included a few hidden gems that we feel will perfectly enhance your down-time when not playing sport in one of our tournaments.

Scroll on.


The Hole in the Wand Wizard Golf

Get ready for a magical sporting experience like no other with the age-old crazy golf with a twist.

Located on the promenade next to Blackpool Tower, there are 9 spell-binding runs before a cosy tavern retreat.


The Grand Theatre

Maybe live special performances are your thing? Then drop by to the stunningly historic Grand Theatre where you can catch shows all year round.


Model Village & Gardens

Established in 1972, this quaint award-winning attraction is full to the brim with miniature modern village scenes, castles, gardens and even a full cricket ground of historic Tudors.


Blackpool FC

Ok, maybe not so much of a hidden gem but a great space to soak in more football!

The orange turnstiles are a short trip from the coast with a tangerine inflected shop perfect for a footballing souvenir.

And there we are! 9 amazing Blackpool attractions with some hidden gems perfect for your down-time when not playing in your tournament.


Feeling the urge to be part of something sporty in this charming sea-side town? Then call or email us for details on how we can expertly plan your sports tour.