Football Tours & Tournaments to Belgium

Belgium is now producing some of the world’s best footballers. Whilst venturing on our football tours to Belgium, your team will play at some of the best football grounds in Europe, and can choose to enter international football tournaments or play friendly matches in Belgium or just across the border in Holland. With numerous tournament options available, including the Hageland Cup and Easter Open, your team are guaranteed a range of fantastic Belgium football tours and tournaments.


Where you’ll stay

Accommodation is of a fantastic standard in Belgium. You can choose to stay at Center Parcs, Sunparks or a Waterpark Resort. Alternatively, if you would prefer to stay in a hotel you can choose to stay at hotels in Brussels, Antwerp or Ostend.

Things to do

In your down time, away from playing football, your team will have the option to visit famous cities including Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels (with beers produced by Monks!). Belgium is a truly fantastic football tour destination.


Hageland Cup

Biggest youth tournament in Belgium!

Now in its 31st year, the Hageland Cup attracts 250 teams from across Europe. Taking place over Whitsun in May, this two-day tournament is the ideal quick getaway for families.

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Bespoke Football Tours

Your tour YOUR WAY!

Don’t fancy a tournament but want to get away as a team? We’ve got you covered! From friendly fixtures to exciting excursions, we’ll offer an unforgettable experience for the whole team.

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